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Resistivity Meter

Resistivity Meter

It is a scientific geophysical device produced to detect treasures, treasures, burials, metals, cavities, tunnels and water that have been underground for many years.

The working principle of the device is to measure the ground resistance between the electrodes stuck in a square shape, thanks to the high electric current given to the ground. The resistance of the ground varies with the presence of factors such as water, metal or void. LCD display shows the resistivity value of cavity, water, iron and precious metals, large volumes of rocks and minerals. To be able to detect a metal target properly, it must be under the ground for at least 20 years and have a mass weight of 5 kg or more.

Who are use

  • Geophysics Specialist
  • Treasure hunters
  • Miners

These data are subject to change, but resistivity geophysical devices may vary according to everyone’s use and intended use. The geophysical device is a versatile device.

Resistivity Device is an electronic detector used for treasure, treasure, burial, metal, cavity, tunnel, water resources, mineral resources and many other features.

The main task of the resistivity device is to determine the depth and resistivity values of underground layers as a result of voltage-electrical measurements. It is a product that is frequently used to confirm anomalies underground.