About us

Who We Are

Adrenalin Detector was founded on 12.07.2010 to produce devices used in the field of electromagnetic detection technology.

Adrenalin Detector has been continuing its research and development studies on metal detectors, field scans, visual detectors, and geophysical measuring devices since the first day of its establishment. Adrenalin Detector, as a result of years of research studies with its trained staff, produces professional detectors especially used in treasure searches. The professional detectors produced are used in geophysical surveys, geophysical measurements, underground mine exploration, detecting underground water resources, and analyzing soil structure.

The devices produced are field scanning devices, metal and mine detectors that can give 2d – 3d images, and electromagnetic geophysical radars that can make 3d images for soil analysis. The professional products produced by the Adrenalin Detector are successfully used in the fields of Hobby, Military, Ballistics, Geology, Archeology, Construction, and Mining.

Our Vision

Adrenalin detector always aims to bring success to its customers with an unusual service approach. And in this regard, it analyzes the customer in the best way. This analysis aims to provide the right choice of field scanning devices, resistivity, detectors, and underground imaging systems that are both suitable for your budget and your purpose and to move forward.


Our Mission

We produce detectors, field scanning devices, underground imaging devices, and resistivity devices that offer accurate results within the framework of reality.

Economic Prices

We take care to keep the most suitable and most accurate price range for our customers. The adrenaline detector offers this opportunity to buy quality devices that are suitable for your pocket.

Post-Purchase Support

As our team, we offer our support and try to find solutions after selling the device to the customer.