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About Adrenalin Detector

Adrenalin Detector was established on 12.07.2010 to produce devices used in the field of electromagnetic detection technology.

Adrenalin Detector has been continuing its research and development studies on metal detectors, field scans, visual detectors and geophysical measuring devices since the first day of its establishment. Adrenalin Detector, as a result of years of research studies with its trained staff, produces professional detectors especially used in treasure searches. The professional detectors produced are used in geophysical surveys, geophysical measurements, underground mine exploration, detecting underground water resources and analyzing soil structure.

The devices produced are field scanning devices, metal and mine detectors that can give 2d – 3d images, electromagnetic geophysical radars that can make 3d images soil analysis. The professional products produced by the Adrenalin Detector are successfully used in the fields of Hobby, Military, Ballistics, Geology, Archeology, Construction and Mining.

What does our founder say?

R&D takes a lot of time, money and effort. Unfortunately the number of companies capable of producing in Turkey detector R&D does not exceed the fingers of one hand. Adrenalin Detector metal detectors, field scans and visual geophysical devices, underground imaging devices, underground imaging devices, treasure detector, gold detector, treasure search detector, gold search detector, treasure search device, gold search device, resistivity device, carries out very serious R&D studies on it. As a result of intensive R&D studies, customer satisfaction arising from the success of the products makes the Adrenalin Detector one step ahead of its competitors in the sector.


Real Results

The detectors, field scanning devices, underground imaging devices and resistivity devices we produce offer accurate results within the realm of reality.

Economic Prices

We take care to keep the most suitable and correct price range for our customers. Adrenalin detector offers this opportunity to buy suitable and quality devices for your pocket.

Post-Purchase Support

As our team, we try to provide our support and produce solutions after selling the device to the customer.


Adrenalin detector always aims to bring its customers to success with an extraordinary service understanding. And he analyzes for the customer in the best way possible in this regard. This analysis aims to provide the right selection of field scanning devices, resistivity, detectors and underground imaging systems that are suitable for your budget and your purpose and to carry them forward.

In the production of adrenalin detectors, we make improvements for the detector, field scanning device, resistivity device and underground imaging that we produce day by day thanks to the feedback from our customers and offer them to our customers in a better quality.

Our customers provide us with a very pleasant development environment in the production of our devices with their positive feedback. Because despite the fact that the device is tested one-on-one in the field, it cannot be ignored that it is a very important factor in making our devices better quality by considering the knowledge and skills of our customers.


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