Detector Prices and ModelsDetector Name Detector PriceDetector Features
VLF / One by One DetectorAdrenalin Coin Hunter350 € Operating Frequency 12 kHz
Head Type DD
Head Size 25cmx33cm
Cable Length 130 Cm
Sound Frequency Approx. 215-830 Hz
Audio Output 2 ¼ “speaker or headphone jack
6 x 1.5 Volt Batteries
Turkish User Manual Power Cable
Carrying Case
Warranty 2 Years

3D Pulse Metal DetectorAdrenalin Visonary1.180 € Detection Depths
Mineral type / searchcoil 35 cm DD nozzle
square nozzle
Square nozzle
Silver coin diameter = 2,5 cm 50 cm (X) (X)
Brass plate 10 x 10 cm 100 cm 145 cm 170 cm
Tin Can (Cola etc) 0 ,33 l 120 cm 165 cm 200 cm
Iron box 30 x 18 x 15 cm 170 cm 280 cm 340 cm


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