The Best Metal Detector for Gold 2024 – Reviewed

What’s Gold Detector

A gold detector, also known as a metal detector for gold, is a specialized electronic device used to detect the presence of gold or other precious metals buried underground or hidden in various materials. These detectors work on the principle of electromagnetism. When the search coil of the detector is placed near a metal object, it creates a magnetic field around the object.

When the detector senses the disturbance in its magnetic field due to the presence of metal, it generates an electrical signal, and this signal is interpreted by the control unit of the detector. The control unit may then emit an audio or visual alert to notify the operator that a metal target has been detected.

Gold detectors are particularly popular among treasure hunters, prospectors, and hobbyists who are looking to find gold nuggets, jewelry, or artifacts buried in the ground or hidden in other materials. They come in various types and sizes, ranging from simple handheld devices to more advanced and sophisticated models with multiple features and settings.

It’s important to note that gold detectors are not limited to finding gold alone; they can also detect other metals such as silver, copper, and aluminum. Some models even have discrimination capabilities, allowing users to filter out specific types of metals they are not interested in detecting.

While gold detectors can be effective tools for locating buried treasures, their success largely depends on the skill and experience of the operator, the quality and sensitivity of the detector, as well as the nature of the soil and the depth at which the target is buried.

Best Metal Detector for Gold ?

Adrenaline Detector has produced multiple treasure hunting devices since 2010. Since 2010 it has received a return with very few problems. It has fully proven itself in difficult soil conditions and is internationally accepted and used in many countries. Adrenaline Metal Detectors Since 2010, approximately 9,341 units have been sold, including approximately discontinued products, and most buyers are very satisfied. It is also a quality and professional gold and metal prospecting device that can be purchased even for testing purposes as it does not cost much anyway .

Our most demanded devices in 2023-2024 are as follows;

1-Adrenalin Z18 Professional
Z18 is a professional ground imaging device. Turn the ground upside down with 2 new generation sensors. It will be a very good choice for those who want to see the underground in 3D. The new version will be on sale very soon!


Thanks to the Z-18 Professional multi-sensor technology, large areas are scanned in a very sensitive and high resolution in a short time.


Thanks to the special frequencies sent with the Z-18 Professional underground imaging device, electromagnetic reflections such as radio signals, transmitter signals, telephone signals, satellite signals that may cause erroneous measurements are blocked.


Manual Shooting Image Transfer
Detector Mode Metal Discrimination – Live shot
Automatic Shooting Image Transfer ( 10-20-30-40-50 )

2-Adrenalin Visionary
It is an awesome pulse deep detector that contains 3 awesome systems in one product. It sees 1 bracelet more than 1 meter with the pocket method. In addition, with the EM sensor feature, the detector can become a radar at once and its price is very affordable.

2.1 SINGLE MONEY SEARCH; With the DD coil, you will have at least 2-3 times deeper than the VLF detectors and almost not affected by the mineral compared to the VLF detectors, and at the same time, you will have a top-level single money detector. It will provide the opportunity to work more stable, more stable and very comfortable with the 34 cm DD search coil in difficult soil conditions with extreme minerals and minerals.

VISIONARY With Nonmotion Mode Small search coils capable of detecting the deepest in depths where other detectors cannot go, Detecting single coins, small objects, Gold Burials, Stones and Coins hidden in the Rock (Vault Cover) with discrimination at maximum depth. It is a Pulse detector that will give you a unique land experience.

2.2 DEEP SEARCH; Large search coils are preferred to find deep and large treasures, treasures and the DEEP targets that are very difficult to reach. Using large searchcoils, it ignores undesired small objects such as superficial nails or foils. In this way, the detector focuses on larger and deeper targets. With its large search coils, it will be able to detect medium and large metal objects up to a maximum depth of 6 meters.

2.3 3D EM IMAGING Magnetometer;

With the magnetometer (Passive Electromagnetic) system, the ability to display 3D underground structures (graves, caves, cellars, rooms, tunnels, wells, etc.) and magnetic metals will show them in 3D, which can detect targets that cannot be detected with normal detector COILS, much more easily and deeply.

2.4 VISIONARY DEPTH DETECTION; Thanks to its space finding feature, it reports the spaces such as rooms, graves, caves, cellars, tunnels and wells that are open or closed instantly, up to 4 meters, on the LCD screen with the help of a graphic shape, hanging down.

If you wish, it provides the opportunity to make detailed analysis in 3D about the shape, size and estimated depth of the detected target, with the help of a mobile phone or tablet computer with Android 3D software.

3- Adrenalin BlackEye
As a professional field scanning device, it maintains its place as the most demanded long-range locator in the field scanning category.

3.1 – Cavity search mode: It detects cavities up to 15 meters deep within a diameter of 100 meters and historical structures containing hidden spaces under the ground, accurately and clearly. The depth and dimensions of the detected cavity can be understood without error.

3.2 – Metal search mode: Search can be made by selecting the ID discrimination value of the metal target you want to detect from the receiver unit control panel within a diameter of 100 meters. Example ( 98 gold – 48 silver ) The type, depth and dimensions of the detected metal can be understood.

3.3 – Transmitter-operated mode: The targets revealed by the gold, silver, bronze, space signals sent from the field scanning machine’s transmitter unit within a diameter of 100 meters are detected. The depth dimensions of the detected targets can be understood.

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