Adrenalin Evolution

Long-range locator Evolution is the world the real best long range locator that treasure hunters dream of. It was developed as a result of years of hard research taking into meets the needs gold seekers of long range detector.
EAN / GTIN : 8684154091026


Long-range Locator: Adrenalin Evolution

Long-range Locator Evolution is the world the real best long-range locators that treasure hunters dream of. It was developed as a result of years of hard research taking into meet the needs of gold-seekers for long-range detectors.

Evolution area scanner devices work as transmitters and receivers. Thanks to the feature of classifying the received signals, Evolution can achieve alone the success of the scanning devices and gold searching detectors.

Adrenalin Evolution can detect cavities as 100% error-free. It is the only long-range detector with a real cavity finding feature. Cavities can be detected up to a depth of 15  meters when searching precisely.

Thanks to the space detection technology, which does not scan any detector that has been produced so far, structures containing spaces can now be found with the help of Evolution, graves, cellars, tunnels, treasures hidden in caves, and lost burials.

Adrenalin Evolution area scanner has three different search modes that give very good results.

1 – Cavity searching mode: Detects Cavities up to 15 meters in diameter of 100 meters and historical structures that contain hidden cavities under the ground without any errors and clarity. The depth and dimensions of the determined space can be understood without errors.

2 – Metal searching mode: Search can be made by selecting the ID separation value of the metal target you want to detect from the receiver unit control panel within 100 meters diameter. Example (94 gold – 87 silver) The type and depth of the metal detected can be understood.

3 – Transmitter working mode: The targets revealed by gold, silver, bronze, and space signals sent from the scanning transmitter unit within 100 meters diameter are determined. The depth dimensions of the detected targets can be understood.

Evolution long-range gold detector is successfully used by professional treasurers, treasure hunters, archaeologists, natural gold prospectors, mine exploration companies, companies that detect underground electrical cables and water pipes, municipalities, law enforcement units, and military units.


  • MARBLE = 02
  • BRICK = 14
  • D+C-WATER= 16
  • STEEL-IRON = 24
  • LEAD = 66
  • SILVER = 87
  • GOLD= 94


• Gold, silver, bronze, cavity modes
• ID search with ID number
• Only cavity detection mode
• 100-meter diameter target detection
• Target detection at a depth of 15 meters
• Magnetic Ionic search
• 18 1.2v AA charged batteries
• 9-volt automatic charger
• Plastic carrying case
• Dimensions: 46 x 35 x 13 cm
• Weight 6.3 kg – 2 years warranty

Adrenalin Evolution Standard Package GTIN : 8684154091033

Adrenalin Evolution Full Package  GTIN : 8684154091026

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 45 × 20 cm

Full Package, Standard Package