False Signal Eliminator

False signal eliminator (Gold Detector Eliminator)minerals screening is produced to eliminate the mineral problem which is the biggest problem of treasure seekers.



A false signal eliminator is produced to eliminate the mineral problem which is the biggest problem for treasure seekers. Eliminator eliminates the effects of minerals that people who seek treasure by using metal detectors, field scanning, and 3D imaging devices.

The eliminator generates a magnetic field on precious metals by emitter signals sent to earth by the magnetic
field. In this way, this increases the depth of detection of precious metals with metal detectors used
in treasure searches. It increases the magnetic field level on the target and causes a depth increase in
the detection performance of the detector. It is used in field scanning devices to eliminate fictitious signals that cause errors due to the effects of minerals. Thanks to the mineral destroyer signals sent to the soil, it dissipates the false magnetic field signals generated by minerals and gold particles in a short time like 1 minute. At the end of 1 minute when the field is checked again with field scanning devices if the detected target is mineral or gold, the signal disappears. Above the metal targets, dot target sagging occurs due to the earth’s magnetic field. The distance and angle of these sags vary according to the type of metal. These magnetic sags occur at different angles.

The eliminator moves the shift of the target signal, which is composed of mineral destroying
magnetic sags, to the center of the target metal in a short time. The slip is destroyed and venotactic
fixation is achieved. Eliminator increases the magnetic field level on gold, silver, bronze, and copper-derived precious metals by emitting magnetic field emitting signals to earth. It allows detection from very deep with 3D imaging devices.

• Electronic panel
• Three electrodes
• 12-volt automatic charger
• Three 10 meters
• Blue, red, green cable
• User manual in English
• Warranty certificate
• Package dimensions: 35 х 30 х 10 cm
• Weight: 2.4 kg