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Long-range Detector: Adrenalin BlackEye

Long-range metal detector BlackEye gold finder dowsing rods for treasure hunters. The BlackEye area scanner machine was built using high technology as a result of years of hard research. The BlackEye long-range metal detector can accurately detect cavities, such as graves, cellars, tunnels, and caverns at a depth of 15 meters within 100 meters diameter in cavity search mode.

BlackEye’s best field scanning device can detect all kinds of metals, such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper at a depth of 15 meters to 100 meters in diameter in metal search mode, without any discrimination.

Adrenalin BlackEye has three different search modes that give very good results.

1 – Cavity searching mode: It accurately identifies historic structures with gaps up to 15 meters deep within 100 meters diameter and hidden spaces under the ground. The depth and dimensions of the detected cavity can be understood without error.

2 – Metal searching mode: You can search by selecting the ID discrimination value of the metal target you want to detect from the receiver unit control panel within 100 meters of diameter. For example ( 94 gold – 87 silver ) The depth and dimensions of the type of metal detected can be understood.

3 – Transmitter operating mode: Gold, silver, bronze, cavity signals sent from the scanning unit transmitter unit within 100 meters diameter are detected. The depth dimensions of the targets identified can be understood.

The BlackEye gold scanner machine can be used for professional treasure search0es, archaeological explorations, natural gold explorations, mine explorations, underground cable explorations, ballistic explorations, ammunition, and my explorations.



  • MARBLE = 02
  • BRICK = 14
  • D+C-WATER= 16
  • STEEL-IRON = 24
  • LEAD = 66
  • SILVER = 87
  • GOLD= 94



• Gold, silver, bronze, cavity modes
• Differential searching by ID number
• Calibration on metal to be searched
• Cavity detection mode only
• 100 meters diameter target detection
• 15 m depth target detection
• 12 1.2v AA rechargeable batteries
• Socket type 9 volt automatic charger
•Safe, sturdy plastic carrying case
• Dimensions: 46 x 35 x 13 cm / Weight 6.3 kg
• 2 years warranty against manufacturing defect