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Long-range gold locator  Adrenalin Mfd has been developed to detect buried treasures such as gold and silver within a diameter of 100 meters. It destroys imaginary signals of minerals that will cause false digging during the search for Treasure Gold Detector.

Thanks to its advanced mineral elimination feature, the long-range gold locator Adrenaline Mfd eliminates false mineral signals that can lead to wrong targets in the area to be searched. The object sought is reacted with special signals sent under the ground. The number of electrons released from the target is increased with the signals sent. The electronic unit with electron sensor separation detects electrons released from the reacted target.

The long-range gold locator Adrenalin Mfd consists of two electronic components.

1. Sender unit: It performs the process of sending special signals of MFD under the ground. The

area to be searched is activated optionally by selecting the space or good metal type.

2. Signal receiving unit: Adrenalin Mfd can distinguish between gap and metal. The Mfd area scanner device has mineral screening and metal separation, unlike similar field scanning devices. Every metal under the ground has a different magnetic identity. Magnetic identity differences apply different push and pull forces on the antennas of the receiving system. The type of metal detected is understood by the different closing movements that the deepest scanning device creates on the signal sensor antennas.


• Search Distance: 100 Meters

• Detection Depth: 6 Meters

• Sensor: WCC% L Bars

• Weight: 2 kg

• Battery Requirement: 6 AA Batteries and 1 9 V Battery

• Working Temperature: 0 C – 50 C